Hiking vacation
in Sardinia


Due to its diverse nature, Sardinia is a fascinating hiking destination all year round. Breathtaking views are guaranteed – on the coast as well as inland. The paths of the hiking routes lead through bizarre rock formations and blooming macchia, through prehistoric settlements, pristine forests and deep gorges to picturesque bays. Wanderer heart, what more do you want ?!

Tips for the
Hiking vacation

Clothing and equipment

Experienced hikers know it anyway – even if the temperatures are seductive and make you feel unreasonable, sturdy shoes are an absolute must when hiking. Ideally, you should wear ankle-high hiking shoes, because depending on the hiking route, Sardinia often goes through impassable, stony terrain . Who would want to buckle and injure their ankle? Functional clothing is generally an advantage. As in many other hiking regions in the world, it makes sense to have long trousers or one with detachable trouser legs in your luggage in case you have to fight your way through the undergrowth. In the event that the hiking trail leads to the water, you should definitely pack swimwear and appropriate bags for wet laundry in your backpack. Don’t forget to change socks and underwear!

Sunscreen and insect repellent belong in the backpack, of course – after all, you are hiking on a Mediterranean island. The ideally light-colored clothing should cover as much skin as possible. Hikes in swimming shorts and bikini are not recommended anyway. Headgear , on the other hand, can always be an advantage.

The hiking trails in Sardinia are not all well signposted. Digital support can therefore be helpful if you don’t want to rely on the good old card. Whether you use a smartphone for this or use a GPS device is up to you. If you choose to use your smartphone, you should remember to pack a power bank in your backpack and download the maps before the tour.



The fact that the hiking routes in Sardinia lead through almost untouched nature and landscapes means that there are few shopping opportunities along the way. In the rarest of cases, any places to stop for a break. So the top priority is to stock up on enough food and water . The latter can in all probability not be refilled on the way. So it’s better to take one bottle too much of water with you on the tour than too little.

Lunar landscapes, ancient quarries, hippie caves and dream beaches

CapoTesta lunar landscape - Sardinia

Packed your backpack? So let it begin. On the “small continent” , as Sardinia is often called due to its diversity, there are hiking routes of different lengths and degrees of difficulty. Below is our first recommendation. The field reports are constantly being expanded at this point. So it’s worth stopping by here every now and then. Since Sardinien-Lifestyle.de concentrates on the north of the island, we start with the most northerly hiking tour that you can ever do in Sardinia.

The Capo Testa round trip

Hiking time net about 2 hours
route 6.8km
Height differences Ascent: 110m,
Descent: 110m
Level of difficulty middle

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Capo Testa lighthouse - Sardinia

Capo Testa lighthouse

The Capo Testa peninsula is located on the northern tip of Sardinia and belongs to the municipality of Santa Teresa Gallura . The parking lot Parcheggio Rena di Ponente can be reached via an isthmus. The starting point of the hike is also located here. From here there is a half-left path, almost once across the entire island.

After about two kilometers you reach one of the most popular sights in Sardinia: the Valle della Luna . This coastal landscape owes its name (translated as Valley of the Moon) to the bizarre granite rock formations , which, especially in moonlight, rise into the sky in a radiant white. No wonder that this really fascinating landscape from the famous 68s onwards also attracted numerous dropouts from all over the world who settled in the rock caves. In this context the name “Valley of the Hippies” arose. Even if it is no longer allowed these days, you can still meet one or the other wild camper on Capo Testa from time to time.

If you have marveled at and admired the center of the Valle della Luna extensively, you can hike the impressive granite rock landscape further north along the coast. There was also a quarry here during the time of ancient Rome. Some granite columns from this quarry are said to be located in the Pantheon in Rome and in the Cathedral of Pisa. So you breathe a breath of history at this point.

But back to the present and into the water. We continue north to the small but fine bay of Cala Granda . A perfect opportunity for a short break and a wet dip. If the spot is full, you can also take a bathing break at the Spaggia Cala Francese , which follows a little further north.

From here it is not far to the lighthouse of Capo Testa. The still active lighthouse was commissioned in 1845 and is 81 meters above sea level. Thus one has also reached the geographically northernmost tip of Sardinia and can enjoy breathtaking expanses. In good weather, the neighboring French island of Corsica can also be seen from here.

In the clockwise direction of the island, the tour continues to the wonderful book of Cala Spinosa . Here you can once again enjoy the breathtaking view of the turquoise sea before heading back towards the starting point.