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Kitesurfing Porto Pollo


God meant it really well in many ways when He created our favorite island. And God must have been a windsurfer. ;-)
Especially in the north there are perfect wind conditions due to the Strait of Bonifacio, as the strait between Corsica and Sardinia is called. The east and west winds are reinforced by the strait and create a unique jet effect. It is astonishing that, despite these fantastic conditions, Sardinia has only developed into a Mecca for windsurfers and later kitesurfers since the early eighties. One surf spot in Sardinia in particular has achieved worldwide fame: Porto Pollo . For that, however, another god was responsible.

Porto Pollo –
discovered by the world champion

The legend

It was none other than windsurfing legend Robby Naish , who got on the board for a photo shoot in Porto Pollo in 1979 and put the bay on the map of the most popular surfing spots on the planet overnight. Or rather: the two bays of Porto Pollo, because the dam on the Isola dei Gabbiani peninsula divides the spot into two sides. Each side has its own long sandy beach with surf schools , beach bars , beach shops and a casual, hang-loose atmosphere . Paid parking spaces are in the immediate vicinity. A few minutes’ walk away you can also park for free in the dune landscape. Quite a few claim that Porto Pollo is one of the most beautiful beaches in Sardinia. Everyone can judge this for themselves. However, one thing is certain: Porto Pollo is THE windsurfing paradise in Sardinia and definitely the coolest beach on the island.



The spot is ideal for both beginners and advanced skiers all season long. Depending on the wind situation, you will find flat water or bump and jump conditions. In the morning the wind is usually even weaker and therefore perfect for beginners. Around noon, depending on the current general weather situation, you will encounter stronger Tramontana, Mistral, Poniente or Sciroccowinde. The wind strengths are between 4 and 8 Bft throughout the year.

In the spring you mainly encounter the downwinds of the Mistral and Tramontana coming from France. In the summer months , the rather even pony winds predominate with 4-6 Bft sideshore to side-offshore . From late summer and autumn , in addition to the mistral, the North African Scirocco also invites you to dance on the waves. Gladly also with wind forces of up to 9 Bft .

The kite zone

Kite area Porto Pollo

While the surf cracks can be found on one side or the other depending on the wind situation, the kite surfers cavort in their own kite zone in the western bay. At KiteBeach, the kite and surf providers, who have their contact points on the main beach in the eastern bay, set up their temporary stations and pavilions with area supervision and rescue service on a daily basis. In general, the kite zone at Porto Pollo is very safe, as it is almost impossible to drift off.

Our tip:
Are you looking for a rental station or are you interested in a surfing or kite course? Then we can recommend Michiel Bouwmeester’s Pro Center . The Dutchman Michiel has been in Porto Pollo since 2008 and is the largest local provider. His team is set up internationally. In addition to courses and rental equipment in the best condition, the Pro Center also rents out special kids equipment, SUP boards (stand-up paddles) and kayaks . The center also includes the Tiki Beach Bar and a beach shop. As soon as the temperatures allow it, there is a weekly BBQ evening with a beach party, live band or DJ. More information on the Pro Center website.