Via road trip
to Sardinia


In Sardinia, it is usually advisable to always have a wheelchair. For this reason alone, traveling by car or motorcycle is an option to be considered. In addition, a road trip from Germany definitely has its charm. Not only because you have to drive through breathtaking alpine landscapes in Austria or Switzerland. Above all, it makes sense to make a sightseeing stop in northern Italy.

Many ways lead to:


Coming from Austria via the Brenner and the A22, you drive along Lake Garda and could, for example, make a detour to historic Verona.


If you take the A2 through Switzerland, the drive along the picturesque Lake Lugano is a highlight in itself. This is where the typical road trip adventure feeling should have started at the latest. An obvious stop is the fashion metropolis of Milan. But let’s be honest: you can always get there with the low-cost airline.

Beautiful genoa

Beautiful genoa

For this reason, we have a tip that is probably not on the list of travel destinations: An overnight stay in the colorful and lively port city of Genoa with its impressive old town, which was even declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco in 2006. Here you should definitely stroll along the lively boulevard Le Strade Nuove and enjoy the view of the sea in a bar on the harbor with an espresso, vino or birra. Pure Dolce Vita.

Dream beach in Genoa

Dream beach in Genoa

From Genoa you can also take the ferry to Sardinia – either to Olbia and Golfo Aranci in the northeast of the island or to Porto Torres in the northwest. The crossings take ten or just over 12 hours and start daily. Booking a sleeping cabin is definitely recommended. Especially in the main season it can get a bit crowded and louder on the ferries – even cooler at night. Bars and restaurants on board, however, give you the opportunity to spend the night around your ears. Certainly not comparable to a cruise ship in terms of standard, but nothing that can be described as unreasonable. All necessary information and prices can be found on the websites of the shipping companies Mobylines , Tirrenia , Grimaldi Lines and Sardinia Ferries or Corsica Ferries .

Genoa Church of San Lorenzo

Genoa Church – San Lorenzo

To get an approximate feeling for the route, we have researched a few net travel times:

Coming from Germany, the journey time from Hamburg to Genoa is around 14 hours, from Cologne 10 hours and from Munich just 7 hours. Without traffic jams and breaks, of course.

From Austria it takes 6 hours from Innsbruck to Genoa and around 10 hours from Vienna.

From Switzerland, on the other hand, the travel time to Genoa is 5 hours from Bern and just over 4 hours if you start in Geneva.

Toll information

Regardless of whether you drive through Switzerland or Austria to Italy, in both countries you need a vignette, which is available at petrol stations and rest stops. Even before the border in Germany. The cost of the car vignette in Switzerland is € 38.00, in Austria for one year it is € 91.10. A vignette that is valid for two months costs 27.40 euros. The price for a ten-day vignette is 9.40 euros.

In Italy, too, most motorways are subject to tolls and are paid for per kilometer driven. At the toll station, you simply take a ticket, which is paid for when you exit. On some routes, such as around Milan, the toll is also calculated at a flat rate. All toll stations can be paid in cash, by credit card or with a bank card (Maestro).

Signs that cannot be overlooked indicate the method of payment and the corresponding lane at the toll stations. The prices are limited with a few euros. For the Class A cars, the average toll is around EUR 0.08 per kilometer.