Travel times


For a classic summer vacation, the period from May to September is the ideal travel time for Sardinia. With daytime temperatures around 30 degrees Celsius, July and August are the hottest months. It hardly ever rains. If it can be arranged, we advise against August, as it can get really crowded here on the beaches. Otherwise you can’t really go wrong, as you can swim in the sea from mid-May.

The beautiful island spring

We definitely recommend a trip in spring. Nature lovers in particular get their money’s worth here. From the end of March and April it is pleasantly warm with daytime temperatures of just under 20 degrees Celsius and you can enjoy the lush vegetation and flowers. Everywhere on the island the beautiful oleander bushes bloom in splendid colors.

The best time to travel for an active holiday in Sardinia are the months of April, May, June as well as September and October . Then it is not too hot and there is always a light breeze.

The Sardinian winter, on the other hand, can be very uncomfortable. From November to February it is rainy and cool, sometimes even stormy and snowfalls are possible in the mountains.